Press Release

Press Release

Look Mom, Reimage is on the news!
Okay, so we're not on CNN or anything (yet) but we are on some great software and technology-related websites with a large, like-minded readership. If you're looking for unsolicited, not paid for, REAL Reimage reviews and ratings, here they are! Go ahead and browse some of these unbiased reviews to read what real people had to say about our product.

  1. Fox channel 8: Reimage unlike any other repair software
  2. Watch Reimage video review on Fox 8
(Nov 3, 2011)
fox8live.comFox 8 News
PC World calls Reimage "A Fantastic Repair Utility"(Jul 25, 2011)pcworld.comPC World
The Daily hand-picks Reimage(May 26, 2011)thedaily.comThe Daily
The Debate Continues (at 31:00 min)(Jun 15, 2010)
Reimage Online PC Repair Review(Dec 22, 2009)
Repairs Made Easy! Redmond rating: 9.6(Aug 1, 2009)
Amazing! Goodbye malware.(Jan 21, 2009)Network WorldNetwork World
Startup Of The Week: Reimage(Nov 8, 2008)InformationWeekInformationWeek
Reimage: The Domino's Pizza of PC repair?(Sep 17, 2008)Network WorldNetwork World
VIDEO: fixes computers automatically and remotely(Sep 17, 2008)David Spark - Interop NYDavid Spark - Interop NY
Reimage Works Like Magic to Solve Problems with XP(Aug 22, 2008)eWeek Channel InsidereWeek Channel Insider
Reimage Launches Online PC Repair Service(Jul 16, 2008)DEonlineDEonline

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